Easing Patients Into Dialysis

Many patients begin their dialysis experience by crashing onto in-center treatments due to disease progression, infection, or hospital treatments. Transitional Dialysis is a patient centric approach to gently easing patients into dialysis using your existing in-center infrastructure and staff.

How Can I Offer Transitional Dialysis in My Clinic

Improving Patient and Staff Safety

The NxStage System One and disposable components incorporate a series of innovative safety features that help minimize the risk to patients and your employees.
Uniquely designed bloodlines complete with SecureClip® help reduce the risk of patient blood loss from accidental disconnects.
Volumetric fluid balancing, found in our suite of disposable cartridges eliminate the need for staff to lift, carry, and empty waste bags reducing the risk of injury.

Reducing Costs With Improved Staff Efficiencies

The NxStage System One and Medisystems products each offer unique improvements to staff efficiency allowing you to reduce costs in your clinic.

Go Green With Streamline®

At Medisystems we are committed to our patients, partners, and a greener tomorrow. Our products will allow you to continue to achieve adequate patient outcomes while providing a positive impact on the environment. In fact, our Streamline suite of products has the ability to reduce water consumption and infectious waste.

Improve Infection Control in Your Facility

According to the CDC, on any given day, about 1 in 25 hospital patients experiences a healthcare-associated infection. Infections in any care setting can be expensive but studies suggest the consequences from a single needlestick for a dialysis provider may be as high as $4,838 in associated healthcare costs.
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Reduce Transportation Costs

Patients in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) who require dialysis therapy are typically transported to and from a dialysis clinic three times a week often at an extreme cost. NxStage products and therapies can help you eliminate these costs with an on-site dialysis solution.

Differentiating your nursing home by providing on-site dialysis may also increase hospital referrals and clients.