NxStage Proudly offers Careopolis through our Partnership with CareFlash

A Careopolis is a metropolis of healing and support. Your personal website that you can engage with your loved ones to be a part of your journey with kidney disease!

It’s common that friends and family members would sincerely value the ability to stay more naturally engaged in the life of a loved one who is living with a chronic illness.

With Careopolis you can…

  1. Educate your loved ones on kidney disease and dialysis with tools built into the website.
  2. Easily build a Support Calendar, where loved ones can sign-up and help…
    • Scheduling rides to doctor’s appointment
    • Helping with ordering your supplies
    • Play cards with you during your treatment
  3. Share personal updates to your loved ones near and far with couple clicks of a button.
  4. Engage your family and friends in conversations to replace sympathy with empathy!

After a simple sign-up process, you can quickly and easily create your own private, personalized Careopolis and invite others to join – only those you invite can participate.

Benefits and features of your Careopolis:

  • Private blog for organizing healing, light-hearted or humorous interactions among loved ones near and far
  • iHelp interactive calendar which makes it easy to engage support, energy, love, care and resources from among loved ones
  • Social Storytelling, an interactive storytelling resource for celebrating warm memories in loved ones actual voices and photos
  • Photo sharing is a fun, moving way to share and trigger and revive wonderful shared experiences
  • 3-D animations that explain medical topics such as diabetes and dialysis
  • The Careopolis is bilingual among English and Spanish and mobile device friendly