Consideration for Support:

NxStage does not provide unrestricted grants. The purpose of any proposed grant must be for scientific or educational purposes. A grant cannot be intended to promote any product. Any discussion of NxStage’s products must be objective, balanced, scientifically rigorous, and approved by NxStage legal counsel.

The Educational Sponsor must agree to comply with any and all requirements applicable to its accreditation. Similarly, it must also agree that the Program will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the accrediting entity.

The Educational Sponsor is responsible for the conduct, quality, and scientific integrity of the Program. The Educational Sponsor retains and is responsible for exercising full control over the planning of the Program’s content, including the selection of presenters and moderators. The Educational Sponsor is responsible for the quality, content, and use of enduring materials for purposes of continuing medical education credit.

Funding will be provided directly to the education providers, organizations or academic or teaching institutions. Funding will not be awarded to individuals or to group practices.

Submission and Review Process:

It is recommended that requests be submitted at least four months prior to the event. NxStage will acknowledge receipt of all submissions.

In evaluating each application, NxStage will consider whether the educational activity meets the following criteria:

  • the event is primarily dedicated in both time and effort to promoting objective and balanced discourse on one or more medical, scientific, or related educational topics;
  • the main purpose for bringing the attendees together is to further their knowledge on the topics being presented;
  • any time dedicated to entertainment or recreational activity is clearly subordinate to the time of the educational activity; and
  • the educational activity is conducted at a modest venue that is conducive to an educational exchange among the attendees.
Notification Process:

The NxStage Legal Department will send you a formal notification regarding the status of your application once a decision is reached.

Submission Process:

Please complete all information on the form.