NxStage Dialysis Fluids For Acute Renal Care

Easy-to-Use Dialysate for CRRT

NxStage® can help you with the fluid challenges you face when delivering intensive care dialysis. We provide a full range of simple and convenient sterile dialysate fluids for renal replacement therapy. These solutions can save nursing time and money while enabling delivery of more intensive therapies.

  • An extensive range of choices available to address a wide range of therapy options, available in 10 formulations
  • 100% bicarbonate, the body's natural buffer
  • Lactate free
  • Two-compartment bag with peel-seam interface for easy preparation and mixing
  • 5-liter bags for convenience and minimized interventions
The NxStage Advantage

Bicarbonate peel-seam
Preparing the two-compartment PureFlow™ dialysate solution is easy: simply press the bag to open the peel-seam, mix, and hang.

Convenient 5-liter bags
The PureFlow bag size allows for convenient stocking, hanging and minimizes nursing interventions.

Product Range
NxStage PureFlow dialysate solutions meet or exceed AAMI, USP, and European Pharmacopoeia specifications and standards. Products are terminally sterilized and pyrogen-free (<0.25 EU/ml).

RFP 400RFP 401RFP 402RFP 403*RFP 404RFP 405RFP 453RFP 454RFP 455*RFP 456
Glucose (md/gL)100100100100100100100100100100

NxStage PureFlow dialysate solutions are indicated for use with renal replacement systems that utilize sterile premixed dialysate. They are not indicated for direct infusion.

* Custom order code - if you wish to order this product, contact NxStage for ordering information.


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