NxStage System One For Acute Renal Care

The NxStage System One was designed to simplify the delivery of renal care in acute settings. It gives clinicians the flexibility to deliver the more intensive renal therapies they believe will help their patients, while reducing the strain on overburdened critical care staff and resources.

Making treatment simple.

The NxStage System One was designed from the ground up to combine treatment flexibility with surprising simplicity.

  • Perform the therapies your patients need
    • High blood flow rates are well suited for more intensive therapy delivery.
    • Deliver a choice of therapies—including high-dose, continuous hemofiltration or hemodialysis (CVVH, CVVHD), and extended daily therapies.
    • Absence of blood/air interface in cartridge is designed to optimize blood flow and reduce clotting.
  • No scales or waste bags
    • Volumetric balancing eliminates scale nuisances, which reduces interventions and nursing workload.
    • No effluent collection is needed—the system drains to an open line.
    • No water treatment is needed.
  • Reduce staff workload
    • No waste bags to empty, which frees nurses to focus on patients.
    • Portable with no special electrical or plumbing needs, the therapy can be taken to the patient.
    • The drop-in, single-use cartridge performs multiple therapies, and offers simplified engagement of all safety systems due to drop-in loading.
    • OneView interface offers simple controls, on-demand help and charting, which simplifies training and use.
Integrated, drop-in cartridge allows a range of therapies and is available with or without a filter. Incorporation of all fluid circuits within the cartridge minimizes cycler maintenance and disinfection requirements.
Continuous Volumetric Balancing eliminates restrictions on the volume of prescription fluid that can be hung at one time and allows the use of an open drain line. No more scales...and no annoying scale alarms!
OneView interface is extremely simple to learn and use. Graphical, touch screen display provides real-time treatment information, context-sensitive graphical help, and charting assistance.

Flexible Therapies

The flexibility of the System One allows you to customize therapy to the needs of your patients and your institution.

With System One, higher dose continuous therapies can be achieved with simple fluid management.
With System One, gentler therapies are practically delivered without staffing changes. In addition, dialysis management can be maintained.
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