What People are Saying About the System One


"The Flexibility and the high convective flows are what originally attracted us to the NxStage System. Because of staffing challenges, traditional CRRT would never have worked in our institution. NxStage gave us the needed flexibility to provide clearances in the range of 30-40 liters in a 10-12 hour shift. We predictably deliver our doses. The dialysis staff can simultaneously set-up and monitor multiple treatments, and the ICU nurses are quite comfortable with the simple system."

Roger A. Rodby, MD
Director, Acute Dialysis Services
Rush University Medical Center

Dr. Roger A. Rodby is a NxStage Scientific Advisory Board member and a paid consultant.

"I love the NxStage System One! If you think about performing hourly bag changes, well, that’s nursing time. Having to empty bags requires nurses to bend down, lift and carry them. This can lead to back strain. The NxStage System One is a nursing time saver!"

Kathy Walsh, RN
Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Cleveland Clinic

"I love this machine! Why? Priming with the System One is a breeze. You can order and hang multiple 5-liter bags at one time which saves you work! The UF goes into the drain, so there are no splash concerns and no bags. How can you beat that? The system runs itself!"

Tom Susdorf, RN
Acute Dialysis, Patient Care Technician
Circle Medical Management

APM815 Rev B

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