Emergency Planning: Are You Ready?

NxStage® Home Hemodialysis Patient  Planning Guidebook for Non-Medical Emergencies

Natural disasters as well as other non-medical emergency situations can pose significant, unique risks to people with chronic kidney disease. As a home dialysis patient, you need to be extra prepared for a possible emergency. Television or radio can give you advance warning of a major storm, but other emergencies can happen without warning. Without access to power, water, dialysis supplies and transportation, your life can be in danger.

Are you ready?
Planning ahead is your best defense in an emergency situation. When faced with an emergency, you need to act quickly to stay out of harm’s way. This is easier to do when you have an emergency plan. Knowing who you should call, where you would go, how you would get there, and what to take with you if you have to evacuate are important details you should plan before an emergency strikes.

To assist NxStage patients and their care partners in preparing for these circumstances, we have created the "Are You Ready?" Planning Guidebook for Non-Medical Emergencies. The Guidebook leads you through the planning process of what is needed and what to do in these types of emergency situations, covering four key areas:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Medical & Identification Documents
  • Emergency Reserves & Supplies

We also recommend that you store this document electronically in the event your records become lost or unavailable in a disaster. The American Association of Kidney Patients offers a safe and secure portal for storing and uploading of health information: AAKP My Health™. This tool is available at http://www.aakp.org/my-health/. To begin your planning process, just download a free electronic copy of the Guidebook. Then, get started! Your home training staff can help you complete each step so that you will always be prepared. Keep this Guidebook and associated documents handy so you can access it easily if an emergency occurs. It is our sincere hope that you’ll never have to use it!

The "Are You Ready?" Guidebook was developed by NxStage Medical, Inc., with technical expertise from KCER (Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition) and in partnership with your local dialysis clinic. For more information on KCER’s ESRD Networks, Coalition activities, and available tools and resources, visit www.KCERCoalition.com. In the event of an emergency in your area, you can call the National Kidney Foundation Hotline at 1-888-33KIDNEY (1-888-335-4363) for information on obtaining assistance or services.

We are making this Guidebook available to you as a NxStage user to help you plan for area emergencies. This Guidebook is based on general advice for people on dialysis. Although we have included more specific advice for NxStage users this Guidebook is for planning purposes only and may not cover all emergency situations or patient requirements. All dialysis patients should plan for emergencies with their family and dialysis clinic team. NxStage is committed to using its customer support staff to answer questions and provide supplies as quickly as possible to NxStage users in emergencies. However, NxStage is not responsible for the actions taken by a patient in an emergency.

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