Experience the NxStage Difference

Now you can – at a growing number of local centers.

Experience the Difference is a one-week therapy program that provides in-center hemodialysis patients the opportunity to "test-drive" more frequent home hemodialysis with the NxStage System One™.

Hundreds of patients have already participated. The program is being offered by numerous dialysis centers across the country, with more being added. A significant percentage of in-center patients who participated switched.

The program is short and simple.
If a physician agrees that more frequent therapy is appropriate for you, you'll go to a local participating center for five consecutive more frequent treatments in one week to determine if you "experience the difference" that so many patients have.

It's that simple.
As with in-center treatments, a nurse will access the blood and perform the therapy, except that the NxStage System One and other NxStage supplies will be used. During the five-day trial, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about more frequent home hemodialysis, and the center's home training program. At the end of your trial week, you and your care team can determine if home hemodialysis might be a good option for you. If not, you simply go back to your regular in-center schedule.

Why more frequent home hemodialysis – what difference might I experience?
Performing dialysis more often is thought by many researchers to be closer to how healthy kidneys actually work. One key benefit for many is that more frequent home hemodialysis helps to reduce the amount of toxin and water build-up between treatments, which may reduce – or even eliminate – the many side effects patients experience with traditional three-times-weekly therapy.

A growing number of patients say they feel much better with more frequent hemodialysis as compared to three-times-weekly dialysis – and many report feeling these improvements as early as the very first week.1

Another important advantage for many is that more frequent hemodialysis is usually done at home, allowing you to control when and where you want to dialyze. With the NxStage System One, some people are even able to dialyze while traveling or away from home. There are different types and schedules for home hemodialysis, but the most common is more frequent home hemodialysis, where the patient performs shorter treatments of about 2.5 to 3 hours, five or six days per week. 

For some, the difference is profound.
Many patients report – and various studies have confirmed – that more frequent hemodialysis may offer health and quality of life benefits, including1:

More frequent home hemodialysis patients experience many of the same risks associated with three-times-weekly in-center hemodialysis. In addition, there are certain risks unique to the home environment. All patients should consult with their physician to understand the risks and responsibilities associated with home hemodialysis. Learn more about the responsibilities and risks of more frequent home hemodialysis with NxStage.

Talk to your physician today

Together, you can determine if more frequent therapy with the NxStage System One may be right for you. Keep in mind that you must receive a prescription from a doctor to participate in this program. You should also talk to the center offering Experience the Difference to see how this therapy is covered by your insurance.

Find a center near you that offers Experience the Difference.

  1. All of these experiences will not necessarily be experienced by all patients. All patients are different and their experiences will vary. For more information on the reported benefits and supporting clinical references, click here.
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