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Medisystems' innovative disposables are U.S. market leaders in hemodialysis blood tubing sets, fistula needles, and apheresis needles.

About Medisystems

Think outside the lines.

Streamline is the first bloodline to make my job easier. Fewer alarms, no more transducer protectors and quicker setup. I feel like I can breathe again! -Christie Blaisdell, BSN

Taking a fresh look at everything is what we do best. It's the reason Medisystems' innovative disposables are U.S. market leaders in hemodialysis blood tubing sets, fistula needles, and apheresis needles. Medisystems' range of innovative products – including Streamline® airless blood tubing sets and the Buttonhole® Needle Set with SteriPick™ – are designed to provide significant clinical, comfort, and safety advantages. They've been smartly designed to make blood tubing sets simpler and more efficient for everyone involved, from nurse to patient to administrator.

We use innovation to set the standard for the rest of the industry.

There are good reasons Medisystems' innovative disposables have made us a market leader.

Our blood tubing and needle sets, fistula needles, apheresis needles, safety accessories, and access management tools elevate the routine to a new level. All are designed to move the industry forward by providing safe, convenient, efficient, and cost effective use in hemodialysis, apheresis, and other extracorporeal therapies.

Not the same old bloodline.

Here are just a few of the advantages our innovative products bring:

  • Streamline airless blood tubing sets provide higher blood flows from any access1 as well as consistent clinical gains and cost reductions across sites.2-5
  • Buttonhole Needle Sets with SteriPick offer less discomfort in cannulation for both patients and staff.6
  • MasterGuard® needle sets are the only needle guard clinically proven to reduce needle stick injuries.7
  • Medic® anti-stick dialysis needles used with the EpoSaver technique for intravenous EPO administration delivers serum concentrations of EPO comparable to those achieved using a standard "medication saving" syringe.8

We're proud to be a NxStage company.

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