Why NxStage?

Our name says it all.

We’re at the forefront of a rapidly growing revolution: patients, nurses, physicians, administrators, and inventors who believe that the status quo in renal care is no longer acceptable.

NxStage innovations are helping move us toward a new – and better – stage of renal care.

  • Simpler, technologically-advanced machines that increase therapeutic options for nurses and their patients.
  • Thoughtful innovations in both acute and chronic renal care that create ease, efficiency, and economy.
  • Revolutionary advances in home and portable dialysis that are allowing more and more dialysis patients to lead healthier, happier, more productive lives through the benefits of more frequent dialysis.
  • Breakthrough bloodline inventions offering both clinical and practical advantages. 

The benefits for everyone are clear.
Our innovative approach has resulted in significant advances at a time when both ESRD patients and professionals are looking for more efficient and effective ways to facilitate renal care.  

  • Physicians and researchers are beginning to understand how profound the benefits of more frequent therapy can be. 
  • More and more dialysis patients are seeking the life-changing freedom, increased energy, and logistical benefits that more frequent home hemodialysis can provide. 
  • Nurses are looking for smarter, simpler dialysis machines, bloodlines, injection ports, and other innovative technologies that add to their efficiency while expanding treatment options and raising the level of therapeutic care and safety.
  • Hospital administrators are looking to provide their busy staffs with the tools to work more efficiently at a time when ESRD cases – and associated costs – are projected to skyrocket.

Let’s move forward together. 
All these factors combine to make today a very exciting time in renal care. 

To realize our shared vision, we’re actively collaborating with our customers and others in the renal care community: doctors, nurses, and patients; hospital and dialysis clinic administrators; technology providers; government leaders; regulatory and reimbursement partners. 

We're also committed to setting a new industry standard for clinician and patient education that extends beyond traditional "operator training" and provides innovative, creative, collaborative ways to disseminate the information doctors, patients, and caregivers need to understand today’s new therapy options. 

Our goal is advancing renal care. The next stage of progress is here.

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