Jeffrey H. Burbank

NxStage Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey H. Burbank, has been Chief Executive Officer and a director of NxStage since he founded the Company in 1998. Mr. Burbank has over 30 years of in-depth management experience with companies developing, marketing and manufacturing products for end-stage renal disease patients. He has led NxStage since its inception, guiding it through all of its developmental phases to the successful initiation and rapid growth of commercial activities, its initial public offering, and the acquisition of Medisystems Corporation, the evolution of the product line, and entry into services. Prior to founding NxStage, Mr. Burbank co-founded Vasca, Inc., a company providing innovative implantable access devices, where he was the President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as Chairman of its board of directors. He gained significant renal industry experience during his nine years in the renal division at Gambro, Inc., a medical technology company, where his last position was Director of Marketing and Advanced Technologies.

During his career he has been an inventor on over 50 U.S. patents for medical devices. Mr. Burbank brings entrepreneurial skill, leadership, and technical and medical device experience in the renal dialysis industry to our Board.