The Medic anti-stick needle connector is a safe, easy, and cost effective way of reducing the use of sharps in your clinic.

Medic performs the functions of a traditional needle, without the risk of skin puncture

  • Features a precisely shaped tip designed to reduce the risk of accidental needlesticks
  • Can be used with any standard luer lock syringe
  • Easily accesses drug vials, blood collection tubes, and blood tubing injection sites

Intravenous EPO administration:

  • A published study showed Medic with the EPO Saver technique delivered serum concentrations of EPO comparable to those achieved using a standard syringe1

Medic is packaged in an individual, sterile container with a paper pull tab for convenient aseptic syringe access. To use the new container, simply peel back the paper tab, luer lock a sterile syringe onto the Medic, and remove from the container.

"We’re doing our best to eliminate the use of sharps in our unit. Medic helps us do just that while performing the functions of a sharp needle. Protecting our staff by replacing sharps with Medic is a no-brainer." -Customer

For information on how you can order Medic, talk to your distributor or speak with your local Representative.

  1. Alkesh J, Peterson J: Delivery of erythropoietin with a Needless Injection System (Medisystems) During Dialysis Maintains Plasma Levels; Dept of Nephrology, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA
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