MythBusters Part 1: Home Dialysis Fact vs. Fiction

Are you considering home hemodialysis (HHD) but feeling overwhelmed with questions about self-cannulation, treating without a care partner, and traveling? Our Home Dialysis: Fact vs Fiction webinar series answers some of the most frequently asked questions about HHD, and debunks common myths about solo/independent home dialysis.

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  • Misconceptions about performing dialysis therapy at home
  • Tips on how to self-cannulate and overcome your fears
  • Lifestyle benefits of solo/independent home hemodialysis (HHD)
  • Traveling while on HHD
  • NxStage machine portability
Myth Busters Part 1: Home Dialysis Fact vs. Fiction


  • Myths and Misconceptions about
  • Solo/Independent Home Dialysis
  •  Travel
  • Small Spaces and Machine Portability