At NxStage we are committed to helping customers, patients, and care partners achieve the full potential of our technology and with the help of our dedicated support services, develop a long-lasting partnership.

Customer Service

NxStage is dedicated to providing our customers and patients with outstanding customer service. Our Customer Service team has extensive customer care experience and are ready, willing, and able to assist with:

  • Initial system acquisition
  • Delivery and implementation
  • Addressing customer needs during their ongoing system use
Technical Support

Our Technical Support team has extensive technical training and years of experience. They have the expertise and commitment to provide timely assistance with any technical questions or issues. Technical Support provides:

  • 24 x 7 assistance with technical questions
  • Commitment to resolving questions or issues as quickly as possible while also providing reassurance over the phone
  • Next-day shipment of service swaps when appropriate to resolve more significant issues, while minimizing treatment interruption.
  • Innovative approaches and technology to perform routine system checks and preventive maintenance, to minimize treatment interruption.

In today’s world of automated messages and voice systems, we want our patients, customers, and partners to know there will always be another person on the end of the line dedicated to helping you in whatever ways possible.

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