MythBusters Part 2: Home Dialysis Fact vs. Fiction

MythBusters Part 1: Home Dialysis Fact vs. Fiction
Still considering home hemodialysis (HHD) but still want to learn more after watching our first MythBusters Webinar? Then listen to our fantastic patient speaker panel in our second part of this series to learn more common myths and misconceptions surrounding home dialysis: specifically about self-cannulation, prescription and frequency, and nocturnal home dialysis. Hear how they overcame obstacles and barriers throughout their journey home.

Watch our one-hour on-demand webinar to learn more about

  • Tips on learning to self-cannulate
  • Getting your days back with Nocturnal Dialysis, with a care partner
  • Benefits of More Frequent Home Hemodialysis (MFHHD)


  • Myths and misconceptions about HHD
  • Nocturnal Dialysis
  • Self-cannulation
  • Machine portability