New Clearance for Solo Dialysis
Adds Options for More Patients

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Streamline® : The Bloodline System Revolutionized.

Streamline® The Bloodline System Revolutionized.

Airless. Easier. Safer.

Aimed at the in-center hemodialysis market, Streamline is designed to eliminate blood-air interface, reduce setup time, and enable higher blood flow rates while maintaining or improving Kt/V. Streamline is used in over 20 million dialysis procedures annually and is available for use with most conventional hemodialysis machines.

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Nx2me Connected Health®: The Easy Digital Flowsheet.

Nx2me Connected Health® The Easy Digital Flowsheet.

Better Productivity. Better Care. Better Patients.

The Nx2me Connected Health application is a digital flowsheet that comes preloaded on an iPad® connecting clinicians and staff to their patients on home hemodialysis. It takes away the headache and hassle of old fashioned paper flowsheets that need to be filled out by patients and entered by center staff. With Nx2me, patients simply input their medical information and hemodialysis treatment details under the relevant prompts and press enter.

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System One™ S with NxView

System One S with NxView Simplicity In a Complex World.

System One is used by 15 of the top 20 renal care hospitals in the United States. System One’s simple, intuitive controls allow for individualized therapy, eliminates scales with its unique fluid balancing system, requires no waste bags as effluent flows to an open drain line, requires no special electrical or plumbing, and its disposable cartridge is designed to eliminate blood-air interface.

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How We Can Help


To understand End-Stage Renal Disease, it’s important to understand how kidneys work. When your kidneys fail, they can no longer perform vital tasks, like filtering waste and controlling blood pressure.

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Depending on the type of dialysis treatment option you select, you may have to alter your lifestyle dramatically. Before talking to your doctor and care team, think about the things that are important to you.

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Interested in home hemodialysis with the NxStage System One? Talk to a Patient Consultant today who will answer all your questions about the therapy.

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The NxStage Find a Center Directory can help you locate a dialysis center that offers System One or a Nephrologist who has experience caring for home hemodialysis patients.

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Success Stories

Home Hemodialysis - One decision, one life transformed

Around the world, patients like Don are thriving on NxStage System One home hemodialysis therapy, allowing them to get back to doing the things they love.

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Hemodialysis at Your Nursing Home.

Enhanced Services. Lower Costs. Less Disruption.

With easy, flexible hemodialysis treatments hosted at Skilled Nursing Facilities, NxStage can help you:

  • differentiate and strengthen your service offerings,
  • gain more hospital referrals,
  • decrease patient transportation costs to dialysis centers,
  • create less disruptions to your patient-care management routines,
  • improve your patients’ quality of life, and
  • free up staff for other patient rehabilitation needs.
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  • Enhanced Services Enhanced Services
  • Lower Costs Lower Costs
  • Less Disruption Less Disruption

At NxStage, we change lives.

Revolutionizing Dialysis Delivery. Every Day.

We are a group of like-minded people who deeply believe that dialysis delivery must always be challenged and improved to create better clinical outcomes and healthier, happier patients. We actively encourage all our people to push the boundaries of every aspect of dialysis design. Here, every idea is heard, everyone is supported, and everyone is driven to make a real impact.

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