Home Hemodialysis Is Your Ticket to a Healthier Lifestyle

Home Hemodialysis Is Your Ticket to a Healthier Lifestyle.

Whether you’ve just been told you need dialysis or have been coping with kidney failure for years, now you have a treatment option that lets you do hemodialysis in the comfort of your home - maybe even while you sleep. NxStage System One home hemodialysis offers you the possibility of more freedom, improved health, and a better quality of life. You may no longer have to give up work, travel, exercise, and the enjoyment of all that life can offer.

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Over 8,000 NxStage patients around the world successfully perform their treatments with System One. They have been relying on expert training, 24/7 support, and System One which may allow them to live fuller, more active lives.

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Performing hemodialysis treatments at home may improve your quality of life and provide clinical benefits. Find out more about some of the patients whose lives changed with more frequent home hemodialysis using NxStage System One.

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