The History of NxStage Medical

  • 2015

    8,000 patients

    on NxStage® System One™

  • 2014
    • Reports full-year revenue increases to $301.5 million

      $301.5 M

    • NxStage begins to expand number of NxStage Kidney Care Centers across the US
    • DEC
      System One receives clearance for home nocturnal hemodialysis therapy
  • 2013
    • Jul
      NxStage opens first Kidney Care dialysis center Battelle team wins DARPA contract to build medical device to treat sepsis
    • Apr
      NxStage moves to direct sales in Canada and the UK FDA clearance for new high flow capabilities for System One S
    • Feb
      CE mark approval for nocturnal home hemodialysis CE mark for new high flow capabilities for System One S
  • 2012

    Grand Opening

    of new NxStage headquarters

  • 2011
    • Jul
      Distribution agreements with Theradial
    • MAY
      Distribution agreements with Regional
    • FEB
      NxStage announces over 5,000 patients using the System One for home hemodialysis


  • 2010
    • Jul
      Distribution agreements with Spindial
    • Mar
      Distribution agreements with Dirinco
    • FEB
      Distribution agreements with MedCom
  • 2009
    • Strategic business alliance with Ashai KASEI
  • 2007
    • OCT
      NxStage completes its acquisition of Medisystems®
  • 2006
    • Feb
      First patients enrolled in the Freedom Study
  • 2005
    • Oct
      NxStage goes public
    • Jun
      System One received clearance for home hemodialysis use
  • 1998

    NxStage Medical, Inc.


Where We Work