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Clearance for home nocturnal hemodialysis therapy

Home Hemodialysis

The Evidence is Clear
More frequent dialysis, during the day or overnight, may provide significant and wide-reaching therapeutic benefits. More energy. Quicker recovery. Improved appetite. Better blood pressure control with fewer medications. Less stress on the heart. Lower risk of death.

By having control over when and where you dialyze - at home, overnight or even on the road - dialyzors may find that what was once impossible due to long drives for in-center treatment, exhaustion, and other factors, is now a possibility. The chance to resume a normal work schedule. To travel. Or to simply take your life back and feel more like yourself again.

Three times a week dialysis may not be enough.1

More and more healthcare professionals recognize the limitations of traditional in-center therapy, and accept that more frequent home hemodialysis offers many potential benefits. More than 90% of nephrologists said they would choose a home dialysis therapy for themselves if informed they needed renal replacement therapy, with home hemodialysis being the preferred option2. Yet, more than 90% of patients undergoing dialysis in the United States are doing three-times-weekly in-center therapy.

The Heart of our Mission.

More frequent hemodialysis with the NxStage System One can offer hundreds of thousands of patients access to the life changing benefits possible with our therapy.

Patients need better education on the types of therapies available to them and greater support among nephrologists and dialysis providers offering home hemodialysis training.

Move forward with us. Working together, we can make improved lifestyles and more efficient renal care an everyday reality.

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