Patient Stories

Who does more frequent home hemodialysis? People like you!

These patients have given NxStage permission to share their experiences with more frequent home therapy using the NxStage System One™. Please note that the experiences and results reported by these patients will not necessarily be experienced by another patient. All patients differ and their experiences and results will vary. Also, training and treatment requirements reported by these patients are determined by their clinic. Your experiences and clinic requirements may differ. Patients on NxStage typically are prescribed to perform treatments 5 to 6 days per week at 2.5 to 3 hours per treatment.

Despite the health benefits that more frequent home hemodialysis may provide to those with chronic kidney disease, this form of therapy is not for everyone. The reported benefits of home hemodialysis may not be experienced by all patients. The risks associated with hemodialysis treatments in any environment include, but are not limited to, high blood pressure, fluid overload, low blood pressure, heart-related issues, and vascular access complications. The medical devices used in hemodialysis therapies may add additional risks including air entering the bloodstream and blood loss due to clotting or accidental disconnection of the blood tubing set. Certain risks are unique to the home. Treatments at home are done without the presence of medical personnel and on-site technical support. Patients and their partners must be trained on what to do and how to get medical or technical help if needed.

To learn more about the responsibilities and risks of more frequent home hemodialysis, please click here, and talk to your doctor to see if more frequent home hemodialysis with NxStage is right for you.

Click on each name or picture to view their stories to see how more frequent home hemodialysis with NxStage is making a difference in their lives.

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Patient Stories

Alphonso is a full-time dad and works out a couple times a week. He says, "NxStage has allowed me to live my life on my terms."

"It feels good to tell people about doing my own treatments - I am a dialysis patient, but I'm not so different from anyone else."

Compared to traditional in-center dialysis, Carl says daily home hemodialysis with NxStage is "like really living, like being born again."

"I thank God for the NxStage cycler. It's given me and my family a new lease on life."

After starting on NxStage, Craig said he felt "more confident and optimistic about the years to come." Craig has since received a kidney transplant.

Prior to a kidney transplant, professional hip-hop artist, David RUSH, did his daily, more frequent hemodialysis treatments with NxStage between performances while on a national concert tour.

"Before I began dialysis with NxStage, I got tired walking around Home Depot with my husband. Now, I can keep up."

"Anyone who's capable of doing it [daily, more frequent home hemodialysis with NxStage] should be doing it. It turned my life around."

Fabiola and her husband/care partner Angel are a team in life and in her daily home hemodialysis treatments.


Travel is important to Jim, who has been able to take his NxStage system on many trips via car, airline, RV, and even motorcycle!

Nicollette, a culinary school graduate, says "Thanks to NxStage, I'm able to share my love of food, and I have the freedom to enjoy the foods I love."

"With NxStage, I was able to maintain a busy college schedule and live a relatively normal life." Nikolas was successfully transplanted in September 2011.


Ray looks forward to the years to come, spending time with his large family and growing his business and farm, with an enduring feeling of health and wellness.

"I am very grateful for the life I enjoyed on NxStage therapy. I believe it allowed me to remain a healthy candidate for transplant."

Rick was able to stop all his blood pressure medicines in the first week of starting on daily, more frequent home hemodialysis with NxStage and noticed an improvement in his appetite.