Traveling with System One

When you combine proper planning, System One, and NxStage’s support network, you have everything you need to take your hemodialysis on the road. Many patients with kidney failure still enjoy family vacations and business trips without missing their regular treatments.
  • Preparation is key to traveling on hemodialysis.

    As soon as you begin thinking about a trip, talk to your doctor and care team about your travel plans. Then contact NxStage Customer Support to learn about the costs of traveling on hemodialysis and what additional requirements or supplies you will need. Logistical details will vary whether you’re traveling by car, airline, train or cruise ship.

  • Learn in advance what you’ll need to pack.

    Call NxStage for a checklist to help you pack. You’ll want to know which supplies and equipment you must carry with you, which ones you can pack in your suitcase and which might need to be shipped to your destination.

  • Learn the locations of dialysis centers at your destination.

    There are dialysis centers all over the globe and it helps to know where they’re located in case of an emergency.