During a natural disaster or other emergency affecting the hospital’s water supply, the delivery of hemodialysis may not be possible. When the hospital’s water supply is interrupted or contaminated, the use of conventional dialysis machines that require an uninterrupted source of clean water, is no longer an option.

Because the NxStage System One uses prepackaged therapy fluid and doesn’t require any special plumbing or RO system, it can be used in place of intermittent hemodialysis machines in emergency situations. The treatment of ESRD or Acute patients can continue with PIRRT (Prolonged Intermittent Renal Replacement Therapy), a 6 – 12 hour therapy that can be used as an alternative to conventional IHD and/or CRRT.

"NxStage is committed to bringing solutions to patients and hospitals," said Joe Turk, President of NxStage Medical. "I hope the following situations will help other Dialysis Managers and Hospitals recognize that there is an alternative to delivering dialysis treatments to their patients."

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