Patient Stories About Home Hemodialysis

Watch the stories of these NxStage patients who overcame their challenges to experience the benefits of home hemodialysis.

These patients have given NxStage permission to share the experiences they have enjoyed with more frequent home therapy using the NxStage System One. Please note that another patient will not necessarily experience the same results reported by these patients. Also, training and treatment requirements reported by these patients are determined by their clinics. Your experiences and clinic requirements may differ.

We also urge you to learn more about the responsibilities and risks of more frequent home hemodialysis.


Favorite food: Mexican food.

Favorite hobby: Singing and playing the guitar at church and horseback riding.

Favorite place to dialyze: At my oldest brother's house at San Jose, CA while on vacation.

Most interesting place dialyzed: In the dining room in my house. I had family over and I had to dialyze that day. Since I usually dialyze in my room and I didn't want to miss out on the gathering, I brought my machine out and dialyzed in the dining room.

Interesting fact about you: I love being on the go. I'm usually always super busy and running around.


Favorite food: Baked macaroni and cheese.

Favorite hobby: Taking pictures.

Favorite place to dialyze: Las Vegas on my honeymoon.

Most interesting place dialyzed: Tour bus.

Interesting fact about you: I cried when they took my dialyzer (NxStage machine) out my home cause it saved my life for the time I was on it before my transplant.


Favorite food: Huevos Rancheros with chorizo

Favorite hobby: Spending time on the water canoeing or fly-fishing

Favorite place to dialyze: In my bed next to my wife when we’re on vacation, such as at the Grand Canyon or in Yellowstone National Park

Most interesting place dialyzed: In a camper as I completed a 210 mile canoe trip to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

Interesting fact about you: I maintain a blog and Facebook page, "Paddling on Dialysis for Kidney Health," which I use to encourage others on dialysis to get into the natural world, breathe deep, and engage.


Favorite food: All Mexican (especially bean burritos)

Favorite hobby: Surfing!

Favorite place to dialyze: Near the beach

Most interesting place dialyzed: Small room one block from beach in Hawaii

Interesting fact about you: I have lived as close as two blocks and as far away as one mile from the beach for 68 years. My auto and marine supply business was never more than two blocks from a beach.


Favorite food: I love Mexican food, I will take a good enchilada any day of the week.

Favorite hobby: I enjoy playing golf, and now that my energy levels are back I can walk all 18 holes!

Favorite place to dialyze: I have a man cave set-up for dialysis, complete with TV, tunes and games.

Most interesting place dialyzed: Thanks to the portability of the System One I got to dialyze on a cruise ship

Interesting fact about you: I am able to officiate high school basketball games. I love chasing the kids up and down the court.


Favorite food: Feed me anything the locals are eating, I like to indulge myself into the many local cultures.

Favorite hobby: Traveling is my passion and thanks to NxStage I can take my System One with me!

Favorite place to dialyze: Since I love to travel, I enjoy dialyzing on the road wherever my travels take me.

Most interesting place dialyzed: I know this sounds odd, but the most interesting place I have dialyzed is my best friend’s kitchen

Interesting fact about you: My first day of dialysis was my wedding day.


Favorite food: I love to eat shrimp and oysters, I take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy them.

Favorite hobby: Writing is my favorite hobby, I use writing and blogging as an outlet to express myself.

Favorite place to dialyze: Since I perform nocturnal dialysis my favorite place to dialyze is at home in my bed.

Most interesting place dialyzed: I went on a trip to New Orleans with my best friend and former care partner, let’s just say it was a memorable trip!

Interesting fact about you: I was having trouble switching to nocturnal dialysis, so my sister and roommate suggested making it fun, by decorating my Cycler with stickers. We posted it on Facebook and it went global! I have the coolest collection of stickers from around the world now!


Favorite food: BBQ is the best! If it’s grilled and mesquite its for me!

Favorite hobby: I like to spend time crocheting, it helps me relax and I make really cute baby gifts and personal items for friends. I have also recently taken-up coloring, yes I said coloring. They have amazing adult coloring books, I spend hours on them.

Favorite place to dialyze: I perform nocturnal dialysis so there’s no place like home in my own bed.

Most interesting place dialyzed: I was the first NxStage patient in Hawaii, it’s still the best place I have ever dialyzed.

Interesting fact about you: My son joined the Navy and graduated from boot camp and I got to go! It’s something I could never have done without NxStage.