Where Are You in Your Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Journey?

CKD affects more than 1 in 7 people1 —if you have it, you are not alone. No matter where you are in your journey, learn all you can and take advantage of the help offered along the way. At every step there is support from your doctors, care team, and people just like you who have been through this, know what you’re going through, and are eager to see you live your best life.


Kidney disease means your kidneys are damaged and can’t function as they should. If you’re diagnosed, it’s important to learn more about your kidneys and take an active role in your care.
There are several stages of kidney disease, and where you are on your journey will determine what steps to take.
Your doctor and healthcare team can help you explore the treatments available for kidney disease, including transplantation and a variety of dialysis options.
NxStage systems offer home hemodialysis options tailored to meet your needs. Flexible treatment schedules, portability, solo, and nocturnal dialysis are all possibilities with NxStage machines.
More frequent home hemodialysis is gentler on your body and may lead to less stress on the heart, more energy, fewer medications, and many other benefits.
With more frequent home hemodialysis, most people experience a better quality of life with more freedom and feel healthier when compared to traditional in-center therapy.
NxStage systems add flexibility to your lifestyle. They are portable, designed to be easy to use, and enable individualized therapy options to address your unique needs.y Talk
On the Visits with Vanessa podcast, you’ll hear about topics like traveling, storing supplies, and more from people on home dialysis.
See how Lisa’s quality of life and health improved at every step when she went from traditional in-center treatments, to more frequent home hemodialysis, to transplantation.
Discover the impact more frequent home hemodialysis may have on your life. For many it means greater freedom, a better quality of life, and healthier outcomes. Talk
Interested in learning more about home dialysis? Our NxStage Patient Consultants are all current or former patients who can speak from personal experience.
See what people like you, who have an understanding of home dialysis, have to say about the impact it’s had on their lives.
NxStage cares about the whole person and not just the disease. It’s why we offer individualized home hemodialysis treatments that may improve health and quality of life.
Read inspirational stories about home dialysis patients overcoming obstacles throughout their kidney disease journeys.
Our patient consultants are all current or former NxStage users or care partners who can help answer your questions and walk you through what to expect with home dialysis.