Home Hemodialysis (HHD) & Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

What is Home Hemodialysis? What is Peritoneal Dialysis?

Live Healthier and Better

Patients report and studies show numerous clinical and lifestyle benefits associated with more frequent home dialysis when compared to conventional, three times per week, in-center hemodialysis.
Less Stress on the Heart
Less Stress on the Heart
12% Reduction in LVH1,2 (thickening of the heart)
20% Fewer low blood pressure episodes1
Improved 5-Year Survival
Improved 5-Year Survival
40% - 3 times per week (traditional ICHD)3
58% - 5-6 times per week (more frequent HHD)4
Fewer Medications
Fewer Medications
36% Less blood pressure medication5
More Energy & Vitality
More Energy & Vitality
More energy to do the things you love6
Improved Appetite
Improved Appetite
Fewer fluid and dietary restrictions8
Increased Likelihood to be on the<br> Kidney Transplant List
Increased Likelihood to be on the
Kidney Transplant List
35.0% HHD versus 14.2% in-center7
Improved Post-Dialysis Recovery Time
Improved Post-Dialysis Recovery Time
87% Improvement in time to recovery11
5% Reduction in mortality for each hour that recovery time is reduced12
Improved Sleep Quality
Improved Sleep Quality
26% Reduction in restless leg syndrome13
15%-17% Reduction in sleep problems13
Ability To Work And Go To School
Ability To Work And Go To School
Continue working, go back to work, or seek higher education9,10
Better Preservation Of Residual Renal Function<sup>1-2</sup>
Better Preservation Of Residual Renal Function1-2
Residual renal function is associated with better overall health and well-being of dialysis patients
More Likely To Receive A Transplant<sup>4,5</sup>
More Likely To Receive A Transplant4,5
Compared to 3x/week in-center hemodialysis
Increased Early (2-year) Survival<sup>3</sup>
Increased Early (2-year) Survival3
PD - 80.2%
HD - 68.6%
Greater Quality Of Life<sup>7</sup>
Greater Quality Of Life7
PD patients have higher self-reported Quality of Life scores than standard in-center dialysis patients
Increased Control<sup>6</sup>
Increased Control6
Greater sense of ownership over your treatments and therapy
Schedule Flexibility
Schedule Flexibility
Plan your therapy around your schedule and avoid driving to and from your dialysis clinic
Ability To Travel
Ability To Travel
PD equipment is portable and allows you to travel while still maintaining your treatment schedule

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