14% Increased incidence of receiving a transplant3

People doing more frequent home hemodialysis using the NxStage System One may have an increased chance of receiving a kidney transplant compared to standard in-center dialysis.
"Doing home hemodialysis [with] NxStage my numbers dropped, I was off two blood pressure medications, all my numbers got where they needed to be and it prepared me for a kidney transplant. My older brother got tested and was a perfect match. We did the transplant and here I am a new life." - David Rush, April 2016

Live Healthier, Better, Longer

The benefits below are based on the latest dialysis research, comparing more frequent hemodialysis with conventional in-center dialysis, typically done three times per week.
  • Live Longer4
    More frequent treatments with home hemodialysis have been shown to lower risk of death.
  • Less Stress on Your Heart5,6
    Up to 75 percent of people with chronic kidney disease suffer from a heart complication called left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH).7,8
  • Time to Recovery9
    More frequent treatments can improve vitality and give you more energy to do the things you love.
  • Improved Sexual Function10
    A small study of 22 men suggests hormone level improvements may help to improve sexual function and patients reported better satisfaction with physical intimacy.

Take Your Life Back

  • Ability to Keep Working or Go Back to Work10,11
    "When I used to look in the mirror there was a guy looking back at me that just he wasn’t there. He was ready to check out. I don’t see that guy any more. For the first time in years I felt good. I started tour guiding again. I’ve started my own tour company now. NxStage gave me my life back."
  • Ability to Travel
    "It [dialysis] doesn’t interfere in any of our activities. My son recently joined the Navy and last Mother’s Day he graduated from boot camp and I got to go which is something I would not have gotten to do if I didn’t have NxStage"
  • More Energy12-15
    "When I was on in-center after each treatment I was tired I would go home and sleep for hours. My motorcycle just sat in my parent’s garage. I didn’t see my grandkids. When I started more frequent home hemodialysis with System One I started to feel myself coming back from this dark place. My family recognizes me as being back. They see the life in me again."
  • Feel in Control13
    "In-center you have no control over your life. They schedule you, hook you up for 4 hours and at the end of the day I would walk out and I didn’t feel well. I even considered taking myself off dialysis because the lifestyle I wanted to live I wasn’t living. When my doctor described home hemodialysis I jumped on it right away."

Experience The Difference

Experience the Difference program is a one-week test-drive for more frequent home hemodialysis with the System One.*

Join the 9,000 patients who have experienced the difference of home hemodialysis with the System One.

The NxStage System One offers a variety of treatment schedules including more frequent treatments
during the day, with or without a care partner, or overnight.

*You must receive a prescription from a doctor to participate in this program. You should also talk to the center offering Experience the Difference to see how this therapy is covered by your insurance.

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