Versi®HD with GuideMe Software in Post-Acute Care Facilities

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The NxStage Systems can be an effective solution for acute or post acute care needs. Benefits include:

  • Minimal changes required to existing plumbing and electrical wiring
  • An easy-to-use interface with one-time use cartridges that make set-up easy
  • Individualized therapy options unique to each patient
  • No need for maintenance of RO water treatment
  • Small treatment space
  • No need for heat or chemical disinfection


  • Roughly the size of an end table, it minimizes the need for delivery, storage, and disposal of prefilled bags
  • Designed, tested, and validated to produce ultrapure water from tap water, accommodating most water sources
  • Needs only a simple faucet or under-sink hookup while dialysate is prepared
  • Does not need to be connected to water during treatment

Pre-Mixed Dialysate Bags

  • Provides mobility for treating patients within the facility – allowing them to treat anywhere
  • Dialysate is available in the event of a loss of clean source water (i.e water main break, loss of water pressure, well water, poor water quality)
  • Reduces cost of water usage/bills

Why NxStage in a Health System Setting?

We evaluated three dialysis machines and opted for NxStage. All three devices appeared easier to use than conventional systems, but the NxStage system rose to the top for a few key reasons.

NxStage does not require us to purchase or lease-to-own the equipment. We opted for a month-to-month license which allows us greater flexibility if the needs of our program change over the years.

The NxStage service model sends us a replacement device right away when the machine needs service. This gave us peace of mind that delay in care would not be an issue, as well as eliminated the need for biomedical staff to be trained on the system.

The blood tubing and dialyzer cartridge are self-contained, which eliminates the need for heat or chemical disinfection of the system. We also chose to use its pre-mixed dialysate bags, which eliminates the need for water testing. This feature is the safest option for our patients and would help reduce our regulatory risk as water testing and decontamination are heavily regulated. Our first concern is always patient safety.

A few patients now choose to continue home hemodialysis instead of going in-center when they saw how easy NxStage is to use.

Nurse and Program Director at Rural Health System

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