Apheresis Needles with MasterGuard®

Apheresis Needles with MasterGuard protect you while you care for your donors.

MasterGuard apheresis needles come in a wide range of configurations to meet the unique needs of your donor population.

Needlesticks happen every day. MasterGuard gives you the safety and security you need to perform at your best.

  • The only needle guard proven to reduce needlestick injuries1
  • FingerShield® anchor protects the fingers most at risk of a needlestick
  • Guard does not interfere with the site selection, venipuncture technique, or tape-down
  • Designed for smooth venipuncture procedures
  • Designed with a backeye to reduce trauma and improve blood flows
  • Not manufactured with natural latex rubber
  1. McCleary J, Caldero K. Guarded Fistula Needle Reduces Needlestick Injuries in Hemodialysis. Nephrology News & Issues, May 2002.

Needlesticks occur every day

  • On average, more than 1,500 needlesticks and other sharps injuries occur daily in the United States1
  • It only takes one needlestick to transmit up to 30 blood-borne pathogens, including HBV, HCV, and HIV2

MasterGuard has been clinically proven to reduce AV fistula needlestick injuries3

In a two year study of five dialysis clinics, Masterguard users showed 0 incidences of needlesticks after 50,000+ cannulations.3

Review McCleary's full clinical study

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