Nx2me Connected Health is designed to help you

Nx2me Connected Health is designed to help you
  • Monitor and support patient adherence and potentially reduce complications
  • Reduce patient burden and enhance patient confidence
  • Increase patient retention through compliance monitoring and enhanced connection with patients
  • Reduce effort involved in collecting flowsheets

Quality of Care: Key Potential Benefits

Clinicians may monitor and support adherence to treatment and potentially reduce complications and hospitalizations associated with non-compliance.
Early intervention
Clinicians may identify health problems before unscheduled care is needed (eg, blood pressures, arterial or venous pressures running too high).
Alerts patients and nurses when key clinical parameters deviate from pre-established norm to help support patient case management.

Data captured from patients and available to clinicians

  • Patient’s weight and blood pressure (captured via Bluetooth® technology)
  • Fluid weight removed during treatment
  • Medications taken
  • Dialysis fluid delivered
  • Notes, and health assessments
    • Two-way messaging system, similar to text messaging, enhances communication and care coordination

Once your patient finishes their treatments, data recorded in the Nx2me app will be transmitted directly to the Nx2me Clinician Portal where you can access their treatment record 24/7 for a closer look.

Nx2me works over a secure Wi-Fi network established at the patient’s home. If a patient doesn’t have Internet service, a cell data plan is available. All patient information is encrypted and transmitted using secured Internet protocols.

Nx2me has shown to improve patient retention by monitoring compliance, early intervention and education.1

Lower therapy discontinuation rate due to controllable causes
Reduction in median training time

Nx2me Impact Stories

Learn how Nx2me and NxStage Tech Support were better able to assist a patient via Link.
A Nx2me patient was experiencing hypotension symptoms. Learn how an assertive nurse utilized the Nx2me Clinician Portal to assist.
Learn how Nx2me positively impacted a patient's home hemodialysis adherence.
Fluid gains were causing problems with a patient’s therapy regimen. A nurse used Nx2me flow sheets to identify the issue and put the patient back on track!
When two similar patients showed the same adverse symptoms, a knowledgeable nurse took it upon herself to investigate using Nx2me. The result was a pleasant surprise.
Nx2me patient records revealed lapses in treatments and sparked concerns about non-adherence from a nurse and care team. Learn what this unified care team discovered and their solution.