Service Offerings

We offer a suite of service products to match your unique operational and financial needs.

Products and Services You Can Count On

NxStage prides itself on producing simple, yet high-quality products for our customers. To make sure you continue receiving the highest level of quality and efficiency from your NxStage equipment, we recommend reviewing our NxStage service offerings, which cover both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Appropriate maintenance checks on equipment can ensure your equipment continues to deliver the highest levels of efficiency and safety that you expect from NxStage products.

System One and System One S Cycler maintenance helps ensure:

  • Functionality
  • The prevention of breakdowns or failures
  • An expanded life of your Cycler and equipment

To continue to meet and exceed your expectations our service offerings help you navigate repairs and maintenance, while keeping your costs down.

NxStage Service Offerings

  • Standard 1-year Warranty

    Standard 1-year Warranty

    An end-to-end coverage plan included in your Cycler purchase price.

  • Extended Service Agreement

    Extended Service Agreement

    The simplest and easiest way to continue receiving end-to-end service coverage the standard 1-year warranty gives. Many customers select this cost-effective option for budget predictability due to fewer or no unforeseeable costs.

  • Fee For Service Program

    Fee For Service Program

    A time and materials based service giving our customers more control and flexibility but with the potential for unpredictable costs, which may lead to budgeting difficulty.

  • Biomed Program

    Biomed Program

    Our customers with large system pools can take the reins by authorizing factory trained Biomeds to order parts and make repairs on the system. A substantial up-front investment in training, tools and parts is required.

    Enroll in Biomed Training Program

  • To learn more about our NxStage Service Offerings or for details on pricing fill out this form to have one of our service experts contact you.