How It Works

At home, the NxStage System One works with the Nx2me app for iPad® to collect:

  • Treatment information directly from the Cycler
  • Your weight, blood pressure, and temperature, which is either manually entered or entered via Bluetooth
  • Medications taken, notes, and health assessment questions

Advantages of Nx2me App

During your treatment, the Cycler information from the front of the Cycler is displayed on a large display on your iPad helping you to monitor your treatment and respond quickly to any problems.
Automated flowsheets makes tracking and recording treatment information easy, eliminating the need to collect your paper flow sheets and bring them to your monthly clinic visit.
With the Nx2me app, you can easily send your treatment information electronically to your center and care team. Your care team then has timely access to your information to help better coach and support you at home.
Helpful notifications provide reminders or support if there is a problem.
In the case of an alarm, the pop-up notification will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot the specific problem. User Guides and instructions are also available in the reference section of the app equipped with a keyword search tool to help you quickly find what you are searching for.
Easily communicate with your clinic and care team by entering notes into your electronic flowsheet.
When your care team reviews your flowsheet they will be able to respond to your note and follow-up with you directly as needed.

Patient Reviews

"I love to see the venous and arterial pressure numbers on the screen vs. waiting for the Cycler display to scroll through... Seeing the treatment information in real time lets me monitor my treatment better"
"I love the iPad app. Most things are entered for me so I don’t have to look for the information. It doesn’t require paper or pen and saves a lot of time. Also, it reminds me of the BP readings. I used to forget, or guess. I really believe Nx2me enhances the value of the whole NxStage system"
"I appreciate that nurses are getting the information more frequently than once a month and they can monitor and follow up if needed."

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