Acute Care Cartridges

Acute care cartridges for Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE).
NxStage from Fresenius Medical Care Launches Speedswap for Critical Care Dialysis

NxStage disposable cartridges for acute care remove toxins effectively with the simplicity and flexibility you need for your patients and staff.

Multi-functional design with a broad range of flow rates allows you to prescribe the therapy that is best for your patient

  • Easily switch between CVVH, CVVHD, SHIFT, or SCUF treatments

Volumetric fluid balancing achieves fluid accuracy without the need for scales, and eliminates scale-based alarms

  • Elimination of waste bag changes reduces therapy interruptions
    • No waste bags
    • No waste bag changes
    • No splash and injury risk from waste bag changes
    • No scale-related alarms
  • Direct-to-drain effluent disposal may decrease workload and allow the nurse more time to spend with patients.1

Specifically designed to eliminate blood-air interface which may reduce the risk of filter clotting and extend filter life2

  • Extending filter life may help achieve
    • Treatment efficiencies
    • Reduced expense
    • Less demand on nursing time for replacing the circuit3

Fully integrated cartridges incorporate all fluid circuits

  • Reduced cost and workload associated with cycler maintenance and disinfection requirements as compared with conventional hemodialysis equipment

Multi-line adapters simplify fluid management

  • Ability to hang up to 29 liters at once eliminating frequent bag changes
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TPE Cartridge - CAR-510

The NxStage TPE cartridge with Ashai PlasmafloTM OP-05W(A) Plasma Separator is designed to provide:


  • Low extracorporeal blood volume (110 mL) minimizes the risk of blood loss
  • Gamma sterilized filter and circuit eliminate the risk of reaction to residual ETO (ethylene oxide)


  • Fast treatment time with up to 4.0 L of plasma exchange per hour may offer flexibility in scheduling treatments
  • Allows you to use one simple system for RRT and TPE


  • Up to nine connections for replacement fluid
  • Less training time may be required with more frequent use of the System One and a similar drop-in cartridge

NxStage TPE Cartridge with ASAHI PLASMAFLO OP-05W(A) Plasma Separator

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) Cartridge Benefits

Permeability to plasma components4
Figure shows the in vivo permeability of the OP-05W to various plasma components up to 3 liters of plasma perfusion volume.

With a 0.5m2 surface area and 0.3 micron pore size, the filter is designed to offer:

  • High clearance of plasma proteins
  • Minimal loss of cellular components

"Nephrologists are well trained in the management of extracorporeal blood purification and the ability to do TPE with the NxStage system made the transition easy. Our nurses are already familiar with the NxStage system and are comfortable with membrane-based technology."

- Dr. Casey Gashti, Assistant Professor of Nephrology, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL

Therapeutic plasma exchange and renal replacement therapy, like any medical therapies, are not without risks. The decision of which therapy to use should be made by the physician, based on previous experience and on the individual facts and circumstances of the patient.

  1. Nagano T et al. Jpn J Apheresis 16(1): 297-298, 1997.
Cartridge Express Standard Cartridge Low Volume Cartridge
CAR-505 CAR-500 CAR-502 CAR-124 CAR-125
Blood Volume (exclusive of filter) 80 mL 80 mL 130 mL 90-120 mL 55 mL
Blood-side filter volume 91 mL 91 mL 91 mL Per selected filter manufacturer's specifications Medivators®
Renaflo® filters
HF-400: 28 mL
HF-700: 53 mL
HF-1200: 83 mL
Total volume with filter 171 mL 171 mL 221 mL Dependent on selected filter blood volume Medivators®
Renaflo® filters
HF-400: 83 mL
HF-700: 108 mL
HF-1200: 138 mL
Blood flow rates 10-600 mL/min 10-600 mL/min 10-600 mL/min 10-600 mL/min 10-200 mL/min
Blood pump segment internal diameter 8 mm (0.315in) 8 mm (0.315in) 8 mm (0.315in) 8 mm (0.315in) 8 mm (0.315in)
Patient line internal diameter 4.5 mm
(0.177 in)
4.5 mm
(0.177 in)
4.5 mm
(0.177 in)
4.5 mm
(0.177 in)
3.1 mm
(0.222 in)
Maximum venous pressure 400 mmHg at all flow rates 400 mmHg at all flow rates 400 mmHg at all flow rates 400 mmHg at all flow rates 400 mmHg at all flow rates
Fluid exchange rates 10-200 mL/min 10-200 mL/min 10-200 mL/min 10-200 mL/min 10-100 mL/min
Input infusion temperature range 15 to 37° C 15 to 37° C 15 to 37° C 15 to 37° C 15 to 37° C
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