Helpful Hints for Talking With Your Doctor About Kidney Disease

At NxStage we know that it can be hard to talk with your doctor even when you’re healthy. It is even harder if you’ve been feeling unwell.

However, open conversations about your health are important. Today, healthcare is moving in an exciting direction with less of a focus on just providing treatments and writing prescriptions, and more of a focus on improving overall health and quality of life. To do that, many doctors and healthcare teams agree that your education and participation in making healthcare decisions is key. This teamwork between you and your healthcare team may help you discover the treatment or therapy option that works best for you.

Meet Bill

Bill knew he wanted to stay on a home therapy but his current therapy wasn’t allowing him to achieve the quality of life he wanted. Bill’s open conversations with his doctor and care team about his quality of life and symptoms helped him transition from one home modality to another.

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Did You Know?

Patients that are engaged in their healthcare may be more satisfied with their therapy or treatment because they were involved in the decision making process.

How do I ask about home dialysis?

Are you interested in home dialysis but have a lot of questions? To help you start the conversation with your care team, we’ve created the Questions to Ask Your Doctor worksheet (Download HHD worksheet) (Download PD worksheet). Bring this sheet with you to help you start the discussion about home dialysis and whether it is an appropriate treatment option for you.

Before your visit, spend time taking notes on how you are feeling; including new or recurring symptoms you are experiencing. This will be important information for your doctor to have and know. Similar to how Bill spoke to his doctor about his quality of life, you can have similar discussions with your doctor. Make sure to tell them about any long or short-term goals you may have. The more they know about you and your goals the better equipped they will be to select the therapy that will work best for you.

Need help keeping track? Download our “About Me” Daily Tracker to evaluate any emotions or physical symptoms you’re experiencing.