Nocturnal Ancillary Devices

NxStage® Systems are the first and only devices cleared for nocturnal home hemodialysis therapy.

Nocturnal therapy allows for expanded flexibility in your patient's prescribed dialysis dose and schedule, better enabling you to meet each patient’s healthcare and lifestyle needs. By dialyzing while they sleep, patients are better able to manage their daily activities and commitments.

Patients interested in nocturnal therapy will be required to use the following additional items:

  • Home Nocturnal Supplement: Supplement to NxStage Systems User Guide
  • Venous Needle Dislodgment Device: Alerts the patient to vascular access blood leaks with an audible alarm loud enough to interrupt sleep.
  • NxStage Fluid Detection System: Fluid Detection System which includes the Cycler Base, Extended Cycler Base, Filter Holder, Fluid Detection Sensor


Optional devices for nocturnal therapy include:

  • Infusion Syringe Pump: The following pumps have been positively tested for compatibility with the NxStage Systems for infusing anticoagulants:*
    • Medfusion Syringe Pump Model 3500
    • Numia Medical MicroFuse® Extended Rate Syringe Pump Model # 6005
    • Caesarea T34L PCA Syringe Pump
  • Cartridge with Heparin Line: Integrated, drop-in cartridge (CAR-172-C) with heparin line for anticoagulation

*Other devices meeting the requirements may exist. Requirements for the Infusion Syringe Pump are found in the Nocturnal Supplement guide.

This page intended for US Healthcare Professionals only.

  • For more information on the Nocturnal Ancillary Devices, call NxStage at 1-866-NXSTAGE (697-8243) or fill out the form to speak with an expert.