For patients suffering from acute renal failure, for the intermittent procedures, intermittent hemodialysis is currently the standard of care in both the ICU and non-ICU settings such as the acute dialysis unit.1 This method while efficient, has been associated with hemodynamic instability.1 Over the last 25 years, there have been significant technological advances in the delivery of renal replacement therapy particularly as it pertains to the critically ill population.2 In general most chronic hemodialysis patients in the acute and ICU settings are treated three times per week.

NxStage products are used for IHD treatments in both the ICU and non-ICU settings and offer a wide range of benefits to this treatment procedure. NxStage’s Medisystems division manufactures and distributes a variety of innovative disposables, providing safe, convenient, efficient, and cost effective use in hemodialysis, and extracorporeal therapies.

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