TPE with the System One is a membrane-based technology that separates the plasma from other cellular components based on size. Whole blood flows through the hollow fibers in the filter, while plasma flows through the pores in the fiber walls. The hollow fiber functions as a membrane, with the pore size (0.3 µm) allowing transport of plasma across the membrane while retaining other blood components.

Performing TPE with the System One is simple and may allow you to:

  • Ease scheduling burdens
    • The System One offers scheduling flexibility with fast treatment times
  • Reduce staff workload
    • Multi-Line Adapter includes vented spikes allowing up to 9 glass albumin bottles to be hung at once, which may decrease workload and costs associated with pooling albumin
  • Decrease capital costs
    • Allows you to use one simple system for renal replacement therapy (RRT) and TPE
  • Simplify training
    • Less system training time may be required with more frequent use of the System One and a similar drop-in cartridge design
Casey Gashti
“We started our dialysis-based apheresis program in January 2013 and are running TPE with membrane plasma separation, using the NxStage System One. Nephrologists are well trained in the management of extracorporeal blood purification and the ability to do TPE with the NxStage system made the transition easy. Our nurses are already familiar with the NxStage system and are comfortable with membrane-based technology.”

– Dr Casey Gashti

Assistant Professor of Nephrology, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

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Risks and Responsibilities

Renal replacement therapy, as with any medical therapy is not without risks. The decision of which therapy and medical device to use should be made by the physician, based on previous experience and on the individual facts and circumstances of the patient.

There is no literature demonstrating that one therapy is clinically better than the other.

The use of anticoagulation is at the discretion of the prescribing physician.